Sunday, April 17, 2005

cutting hair

I feel air at the back of my neck!

I cut my hair for all sorts of temporary reasons: liberation, denying women in my past who loved my hair, for something different and probably for that old idea of starting a new phase in life.

Mostly I cut it because I deserved to see myself differently. I am a seductress who doesn't need hair to get the job done. No Delilah cut my locks a la Samson. I can see my face and hope others will take a good, gentle look at me.

I missed the tranny road show entirely. The show was to begin at 8 but who starts a hot tranny show right at 8? What, no DJs spinning, no flirt and tease with the masses? I did get to see Maggie Jochild (her link's at the right) perform for part of the Austin International Poetry Festival's events ( She was one of few who were bad ass. She always is but that's besides the point.

Unfortunately, many women's poetry readings become discussions about men and I cannot count the number of times I heard the word balls. I had hoped for a feminist take of the world, not further discussion on gender differences bordering on Men are from Cali, Women are from NY. One woman pissed me off when she declared she was tired of men and so she must have to be lesbian. Meg's and my face said it all : "No one's calling on you from this side, mujer." Bah.

I want to send hellos to Mi Fabulosa Intern (MFI), for hanging with me last night when I made passes at women at the bars we went to. There's so much work involved in the transgender program we're developing it's good to know she can deal with my tigresa moments and enjoy herself.

And a hello to La Deb, new friend and great gal, who allowed me to love on her dog and has to be unique in that she's butchy and takes longer to get ready for some simple tacos than I do! Yes, MFI, I was still borachita this morning. But I'm fine now.

I am super fine and the world is spinning sweetly.

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