Monday, April 01, 2013

sexto sol (day 1, NPM)

sexto sol

after a long day with you, a nap makes all the difference.

a moment in the bathroom to dress away from where you sit at the bed's edge
waiting patiently.

we've lived together long enough
you know my clothes

it's hard to surprise you.

still, i try,
find a strapless
because you just don't love
my shoulders enough.

makeup and perfume
new playthings i enjoy now

ah, your slowly building smile when you finally see me

the night:

   a lesson in the difference between cumbias and mambos

   a careful dance of chicano soul and blues haikus

   the art of a trumpet and the streets overrun by drums

   an ex always in the room

   strangers lovingly touch backs to move through the standing room only bar

   a meal shared with friends

I close my eyes for a moment and you ask if something's wrong.

I look through my body my mind and my spirit and say I'm good, my everything is humming.

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