Thursday, April 04, 2013

boundary lines (Day 4, NPM)

boundary lines

invisible stitching holds me together
finely threaded lines small boundaries for what is (not) said

some don't get the hint: 
approach me with an assumption

it's taken awhile to waterproof the canvas of my skin,
to let someone near but not in.

others aren't easily made ready

they let the world through in a hurricane of sideways rain.
hail arriving in whipping wind.

those are the ones tattooed with a heart on their arm,
the ones who give up as the sun sets
only to wake again with the sun,
the sky a fruitful glaze,
hope restored.

sleep, for those lucky few,
tightens the threading,
returns levity to shredded hem.

linen drape, embroidered by tender hand

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