Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 26 : A group of girls from Minnesota or black mascara by Maureen Owen

Not trees trace so just kids we hung
slim buckets of chokecherries from our wrists

in neighboring galaxies Giant Star Factories take control
composed of cold hydrogen gas and dust

7,000 light years from earth
slender-toed geckos step onto the moon

On the road between 2 baptisms and a shower they rang
to say shallow water the mouths drop open

not where you stand but how long you can
stand standing there
in constant hypothesis

the trees are passersby
damp light
flat orange moon
velvet navy-blue sky

fire berries
from here we see the beautifully attired drive tough Ford pickups

the oncoming
organizing principle
brushed out

the dancers take turns leaping over the bonfire into
Qué pasa USA?

haircuts in London are really pretty backward
London—you are definitely not going to have a manicure there!
in LA toes must match the hands or else just don’t leave the house
in NY it’s more brunette

Outside a refrigerator floats in the blackness shiny amid sharp stars
& the turtle who holds up the world holds up
the world

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