Sunday, April 06, 2008

April 6 : Stop Signs by Willie Perdomo

I took a class with this crazy wonderful man who did slam like I always wanted it to be done - with truth of having lived a life instead of narratives taken from the new york times and reworded to show empathy.

I started this poem
on the ride back to Heathrow
It could have been the A train to the Bronx
but the stars in the magazine
would have said the same thing
Cancer has difficult choices ahead
Aries finds romance in unlikely places

I felt like telling you that I'm not sure
how one is supposed to read the signs
unless they're falling all over you
If it was up to me I would grab
the ones that shoot across the sky
shake them hard one time
blow on them for good luck
and let them roll
But I had to catch myself before I
slipped and broke something so
I flipped it one time
If you can be with the one you love
Don't love the one you're with

In the middle of Piccadilly Circus
Eros was pointing the wrong way
Cool ass swans broke off into
schools of six and suggested taht I
leave you a note before my flight
Damn your Spanish was good, too
Hablas Espanol?
Te quiero.
Y yo te quie-roh too.

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