Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18 : The earth is blue like an orange by Paul Eluard

Paul Eluard was one of the surrealist poets, writing at the same time one of my favorite painters was producing his work - Rene Magritte. I strive for this level of detail and surprise. Magritte said his images' evocations were "endowed with the power to delight and surprise" - he called that power poetry.

The earth is blue like an orange
Never a mistake words do not lie
They no longer give you cause to sing
It’s kisses turn to get along (hear each other)
Madmen and lovers
She her wedding-ring mouth
All the secrets all the smiles
And what garments of indulgence
To believe her quite naked.
The wasps are flowering green
The dawn is worn around the neck
A necklace of windows
Wings cover the leaves
You have all the solar joys
All the sunlight upon the earth
On the roads of your beauty.

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