Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16 : various fortune cookie fortunes

I sometimes use the tiny miracles in fortune cookies to bring about ideas for my writing. If I order chinese food, rather than open it after dinner while they process my credit card, I throw it into my purse or leave it on the dining table or in the car. When I need some moment in writing, I open up these tiny things.

Here are some that are hanging out on my writing desk currently:

Right now is also the perfect
time to pamper yourself.

You will be compelled
to manifest

If the world seems cold,
kindle a fire to warm it.

Sometimes I use the "learn chinese" word behind the fortune for added ideas.

boyfriend [nan pun yau]

I agree [waw tung yee]

Thank you [xia xia ne]

Interesting, no? Almost like poetry in your pocket (see April 17 for more on that).

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