Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14 : Delhi by [Unknown Poet's Name goes here]

This is a perfect addition to my own loving response it being National Poetry Month. The little one and I went to Luminaria, the huge, now annual event, celebrating San Anto's arts. We turned onto Houston Street from Alamo Plaza and found a young women with a post showing we could get a free poem. The poet in me laughed because, as other poets know, most poems tend to be free. Still, I liked that I could find a quiet moment in a noisy evening. My baby is now immortalized (again) through poetry.

Even better, this small, meditative moment opened the door for me to see some old school poet buddies I hadn't seen in years. A very nice thing.

When I was born
fireflies floated
outside the hospital window.

P.S. If you know the poet's name please send it to me - it would be great to include it here!

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