Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've made some changes recently. I know I do plenty of griping on these pages. It is an online diary so I have that privilege. BUT, it starts wearing a woman down to just realize how the legislature is fucked up, how local government doesn't listen, how radio stations need to improve as the traffic worsens (I like my ride to be comfortable and interesting and I like to do drag performances to Alicia Keys' music), etc...

All that said, I'm trying for quiet activism. No, I'm not here to support a presidential candidate and I don't have the time for political marches down Congress Ave. to the state capital. I don't have time to pass out safe sex literature and free condoms and gloves through the bars until 2 a.m. I don't even have much time for free graphic design work for area nonprofits like I used to do.

But, I wrote letters to my leg representatives while they were in session. And, despite my earlier discussion about the local blindness of national groups like Family Pride, I submitted a story as a queer family for their "family of the month" media effort. I loved (despite myself) that they included single parents in their questions, that one-parent led families were, in fact, families. On top of that, I served as a interviewee for Rosie Molinary's recent book release, Hijas Americanas: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing Up Latina. More cool that she's set up an interactive blog where you can win books, dialogue with the author, and scope out featured Mi'jas (daughters). Well, I thought, why not enter my info? And, I was chosen!

Click on the pic to see me, featured. Cool, eh?

Strange that I wrote lesbian within it. I guess in thinking of identity that's a more palatable one... but I haven't used that as a marker in a long, long time. Still, I feel fortunate. It's amazing how questions can provoke your thoughts, make you question and reaffirm.

Okay, I'm off. Got writing, got to put the kid down, etc.

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