Monday, June 04, 2007

deflated queer pride

It's Gay Pride Month all over the world.

Locally, all the events can be found listed on the really great online gay news source, Q San Antonio.

Trouble is, I'm just not feeling so gay lately. Too much on my mind? Distracted? (I've used that word A LOT lately). Puede ser.

Side news: I start school on Tuesday. I have told everyone that if I don't pass this class I'm not bothering getting my BA - this is the last class I need. Shit! I have no nails left to chew. If you have some I could nibble on, please come over.

Music news: I now remember why Gladys Knight was and always will be one of my favorites. The woman's wonderful when I'm writing. As a side to this self-reminder, I cleaned up my desk to make it "writer-friendly". Now just to get rid of the new pile of paperwork that somehow ended up on the dining table... I'm going to bed!

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