Wednesday, March 21, 2007

matria o muerte, venceremos

I feel bad for Mitt Romney. Poor thing, thinking he needs so many votes he has to cater to Republican Cubans in South Florida. Cuando van a aprender? There's no winning that crowd - they want to increase trade restrictions but send money, they want to leave travel open (for them, not tourists with money) and extend American rights to freedom of speech to Cubans on the island. Yeah. Okay.

Speaking of matria o muerte, venceremos, I had a meeting with an academic advisor last week who made my completing my Bachelor's degree really easy. But, I had to reschedule because my previous file was at the downtown campus and everything had to be verified. After moving the file and reviewing it, I met with another advisor who gave me even better news. Rather than having to reapply for admission to the university, I could take an outside class at SAC or another community college and do a transcript transfer. Not only did I save $40 on the application (SAC has free registration), but tuition comes out lower than UTSA, even with a discount the university gives to faculty and staff. Even better, I only need to make up ONE class. Yes, it's a science class, but it is one class! So, of course I'm happy. I was twirling back to my office after the meeting. I'm ecstatic. My GPA sucks but I'm ecstatic.

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