Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ay dios

stuff in the news is making me pissed - not just the whole scooter libby thing, or sexual abuse not being addressed by the texas youth commission -

but Tigrette gave me a laugh yesterday when we wandered into someone's home to buy a traditional dining table (my friends weren't loving the chinese table with floor cushions and so it became a waste of space and/or my filing space). They were so incredibly sweet by themselves. The table was $60 but they didn't have change and I had $35 on me so they let me have it for that.

Then, Tigrette mentioned smelling dinner and I apologized for having interrupted their dinner. The woman selling me the table asked if I'd eaten dinner and then asked Tigrette if she'd like chicken. Of course, the little one makes every place her home so she said yes. After that, she offered her some tea while the husband took the legs off the table and helped me pack it up. They joked that if we'd arrived 15 minutes earlier we could have sat down to dinner with them. No doubt Tigrette would have sat down before being asked.

I told my mom I'd never seen a kid do that - just sit themselves down as though already part of the family. She told me that my grandfather, Adalberto, would buy an avocado (in case) and, if they went to someone's house, he would sit down and wait for food then cut open the avocado. My mom claims he must have seen the avocado as his contribution to the meal.

So, the little one and I are both feeling more legitimate with our conventional and friendly table, even while I am discussing leaving San Antonio for the next place on my journey. Don't worry, we might paint it better reflect our personality - the table could end up like both Tigrette and me - sweet looking but crazy.

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