Tuesday, January 23, 2007

new poem : media res

media res

we start our conversation in the middle –
do you hold any secrets?
are there women you miss in your life, wish you’d not been affected by?

there are always women
and sometimes men,
surprising all those around me
who think I’m incapable of feeling

the cleaning ladies at the office walk by,
make friendly, but tell me that I always look so serious

serious is every piece of conversation we hold
and the way my words might stroke something within you

is something more true if the other anticipates the reply,
finishes your sentence and smiles in the knowing?

the momentary quiet
there are no shallow truths
nervousness stirs, changes
but there are deep lies
with the mistake of looking eye to eye

I had secrets when I was young, you say
nothing of any consequence

and you?

I cannot tell you my mine -
my world began with lies
and I don’t remember the morning I woke up
and decided to participate

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