Thursday, September 21, 2006

...these are a few of my favorite things...

Ah, things are good at work.

I got an email stating I wasn't entering data (I add "correctly" to this sentence) but that I should be because a training we received a month ago never really happened and, the little we were shown by the main bruja didn't cover my reporting needs. So, of course I was adequately trained!

Top that with the memo I finally got a copy of which addresses cleavage. Bordering on sexual harassment and full of latent homosexuality, the bruja in charge suggests we approach her if we are unsure if an outfit is appropriate so that she can check us out (my emphasis).

Then my complaint about a homophobic comment was pushed off as an individual incident rather than a company issue so nothing was done because I refused to name the person who said something. Maybe because I didn't feel comfortable in a room which had the main one sitting there telling me she doesn't see the need for diversity and tolerance training for the organization when she herself is one of the perpetrators.

I've never worked with such a degree of intolerance or small-mindedness. I'm actually making it a point NOT to look for work within nonprofits anymore. I'd rather give my money (perhaps blindly) and not know that everyone inside is sticking knives in the others' backs.

All this has motivated me to move forward. I've got a lot of energy but not a lot of time for women or my writing. I feel okay tho, knowing I need to be working in a space that is intelligent before I can settle down enough to concentrate on other aspects of my life.

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