Tuesday, March 21, 2006


there's this song by everything but the girl called "missing". i keep thinking about it as i'm missing my community. connections here have been hard to foster considering i have so much work and am doing single parenting again.

i didn't think it would be a big deal for the interim to have so much going on. i'm still unpacking even. but i haven't been able to give adequate time to write since i'm taking some work home, and while fixing the furniture has been a creative outlet it's not the same as a good purging that writing gives me.

because of this i've started sleep walking at least twice now. once i woke up and my toothpaste tube had been squeezed and paste had come out, all spilling. another time i woke up to the toilet running. it's been doing this so we have to jiggle the handle but this time i must have tried to fix it while asleep because the lid was not sitting right and the entire stand that holds the balloon was sticking out.

i miss someone to talk with, someone with the same language. maybe i need some mama-ing.

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dykeumentary said...

Hugs to you, Jo. As soon as i'm done with the austin project, i'm coming to san antonio to visit you!