Friday, February 10, 2006

latex products, sexessories

I went to an all-girl party to talk about products meant to make sex more exciting. Sounds like fun, no? Well, it was the women from work so it was great to be with other women but I have a hard time sampling product off a small plastic penis that attaches to my pen. Worse, that the products "slightly numb your mouth to reduce the gag reflex".

Well, I did get to drink some rum and coke and actually be out! I'm not knocking my time off at all. I am just realizing I need to find some queer women's community. I've been talking with some though they are not as free as I'd hoped. It was hard enough to find in Austin - San Antonio seems an impossibility.

San Francisco was great for that and even my mouth made some of the girls blush. I'm ready for liberation. Wachale.

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