Friday, December 23, 2005

goal : Andres Montoya prize

This is my newest goal :

Letras Latinas, the literary component of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame, would like to remind you that the deadline for the second edition of the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize is just around the corner: January 6, 2006. Named after the late Chicano poet, the prize carries a $1000 cash award, a book contract with University of Notre Dame Press for a first book of poetry, and an invitation to read, with the final judge, at the University of Notre Dame. There is no entrance fee. For complete guidelines, please visit:

Yes, just two weeks away. I did have some enlightenment the other day when, after realizing I couldn't call my manuscript/potential book Iyansan (one of the Orisha Oya's other names) or pedazos de un gran tirana, I will call it conversation/es. Working title - no critiquen, okay?

It's to reflect the narrative style of some of my work as well as the fact that I've begun talking to more than just the plants in the house. (Don't ask my washing machine about the day I burned some of every part of dinner - the damn thing shakes so much it might let the secret out.)

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