Monday, December 19, 2005

at last ... estee lauder

I've been watching the news the last fews days at all of Bush's staff continues to state that Congress gave them the power to spy on people in America, even while everyone from senators to judges to civil rights groups are saying no such abuse was ever granted, especially when it is easy to receive permission to monitor American citizens and guests.

What irks me is that I think this issue may be too abstract for the average Bush voter. This disregard and disrespect, like so many of Bush's other tactics, will be glossed over in the name of protection. Maybe we should hear about who exactly they've been spying on. If dear Auntie in Kansas is being watched for sending a couple of bucks to the UN I'm sure people would be more upset about that than if the government were following some dark-skinned guy who preferred to take trains and buses than to be, yet again, put aside for security reasons at yet another airport.

I am starting to believe that Bush is growing senile. He may even think that Showtime's newest series, Sleeper Cell, is real. I mean, the acting is quite good and the FBI was actually smart enough to put a black man in as an undercover agent. Bush knows how liberal Hollywood is - they could be funding a true anthrax attack on some poor mall in these United States. Just in time for Christmas, a good and noble holiday celebrating Jesus' birth. And malls are perfect places for finding those highly necessary consumptive products that are placed under a tree whose roots are clearly biblical.

Worse, the commercials around all this news are about Estee Lauder's perfume, Beautiful, and utilizes Etta James' incredible song, "At Last". I just don't know how a young white woman in a wedding dress could represent this song appropriately/sensitively.

We are a nation seriously in trouble. I mean, we are running out of holidays in which to release important news around in order to ensure Americans are too busy buying things to realize just how we are being played. Congress better start adding holidays!

Oh no! Bush is on the television now! Start buying something to reduce the blows!


Mendi O. said...

i love your blog. please keep it up.

la mala said...

You are sweet for replying. I saw your website and you are doing some incredible work. I support you, girl.