Wednesday, July 20, 2005



I went to see Petra's Pecado tonight. Despite the lost lines or lost sunglasses, the play was great. I know that Tigrette loved seeing the young girl lead perform. She idolizes her and can't even talk when the young woman talks to her - she just stares at her and smiles. I'm glad she's finding some real life role models. This when, just last week, she named at least 4 different actresses on the Disney channel and knew each show they were on and what movies they been in.

Cliffy was in the play. It was good to get the opportunity to support her and she looked super cute as a dyke-y old lady. It was her birthday too so I left her a gift after the show. I had missed her. Still, I have this feeling she expects me to ditch on her because she's afraid to really decide what she wants for herself.

I see that small window, slowly closing sometimes, and think she might be right.

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