Monday, July 18, 2005

bags of responsibilities

I returned to Austin this afternoon with the van weighing a ton. Anyone working/living/enjoying children knows they are the ultimate divas and come with plenty of accessories.

Little Lion, who now tells me she really likes tigers more so ... Tigrette returned home. She couldn't hack anymore Nana time and was really missing me. Gone are my carefree weeks (oh for those 6 weeks!).

Actually, it felt good to have her with me again. She spent the weekend talking like crazy, with an opinion about everything, and insight into matters that really should have little to do with her, including traffic and bad drivers, television ratings for children and Hurricane Emily hitting Mexico.

The dog, Diego, came back too. And actually walked me to the back yard because he was desperate to see his digs again.

So, my casita is humming again, even if it's still a mess. I have no idea when I'll be done with the mopping, vacuuming, unpacking, dusting or cleaning. If nothing else, I washed Tigrette's bedsheets, sat her on my lap for hours and tickled her, made her some dinner and kissed her half a dozen times before saying good night.

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