Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I had the pleasure of reading for Dykeumentary's fundraiser on Sunday. I haven't read in a bar since the old Chicano poet days when my age wouldn't have normally let me into a bar. It was lots better reading for queers at a queer bar. Krissy gave me the idea to hold a fundraiser myself to help with the writing workshop costs. Now just to find a place! One coffee shop can't do it before mid-June and my workspace costs to rent. I'm on the hunt today for a space to hold the reading. If you know of anything, email me!

The writing group has promised to read so it should be a great gathering of some of the city's finest poets.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You So Very Much for reading your amazing work at the party!!! i am so proud and greateful that you performed. i will totally help you get the word out about your benefit !!! xo