Thursday, December 02, 2004

poem : easy enough

the beginning of the end...

easy enough
for Ya Vez's memory of Mercedes, who wasn't conquered/who did see and left

even now I know
you are not over your first lover

you say
when I go
I don’t come back
to the house I’ve burned

you carry your denial so strong
the stop light gets your frustration
turns to green go already

it’s easy to close the door on an ashed over house
when it’s you who’d had enough of the flame
but it wasn’t – she took your matches

and missing don’t mean
the phone has to ring
or the words are lost
during a bump-in-to while going groceries

is that if any old salsa song came on
and she happened to be in the same room
you knowing you’d dance toward her,
be all offering

you deny my belief in the it-could-happen
but that sudden cold shoulder you give
talks more than you ever cared to

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